09/08/2017: Equifax Breach Information


09/08/2017: Equifax Breach Information

Sep 08, 2017

As you may have heard on the news this morning, Equifax has reported a massive breach of their system, which compromised personal information for several million consumers and you may be wondering if your Woodstone account and/or loan information is secure.

How do you know if your personal information was compromised?
Equifax has provided a secure website for consumers to check and see if they were included in the breach. You can also call Equifax’s Call Center designated for this breach at 866-447-7559 to find out if you were impacted, or if you simply have questions.

What information about my Woodstone account might have been shared with Equifax?
According to Equifax, no Woodstone specific information was involved in the breach. It is general practice for financial institutions that offer loans to provide that information to all four (4) credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, Innovis and Experian. 

How do I make sure there is no fraud on my Woodstone account?
The easiest way to keep tabs on your account is to use online services to check your transaction history regularly. If you are not already enrolled, it’s easy to get access. Also, if you do not currently have a security/code word on your account, we recommend one is added (make sure all signers on the account know the security/code word) – you can do this by coming to our branch, or sending us a secure email from Online Banking. And remember, all consumers are entitled to a FREE annual copy of a credit report from each of the reporting agencies.

What are my options if my information was compromised?
There are several things you can do, and a great resource to start with is the WA State Attorney General website, which provides information about fraud alerts and security credit freeze.

Is my Woodstone credit card information safe?
If you were previously enrolled in Equifax’s credit monitoring service or purchased any service they offer, and provided your Woodstone card information specific for that purpose, your card information may have been compromised. A separate letter will be sent from Equifax to those specific consumers who had their card information impacted.

We anticipate there to be more information and updates provided by Equifax as they investigate the issue further – we will continue to provide information as it is made available.