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Make your dream home come into focus

Because we’re guided by empathy for those who live in our community, we know that buying a home means much more than building equity—it’s about building your vision for the future. Few financial decisions are more personal than this one, and few financial relationships are more important than the one you have with your mortgage lender. 

So who can you trust? Big banks? They’ve shown what they’re capable of. 

How about a member-owned, not-for-profit collective that’s been helping local families achieve life’s dividends for over 75 years?

As the only financial institution headquartered here, no one understands this community better than we do. Because the local landscape is second nature to us, we’ve fostered long-term relationships with the best local servicers. On top of that, our competitive rates, low closing costs, and convenient loan programs are sure to move you right into the home you’ve been waiting for.

We have a variety of home loans suited to your home borrowing or refinancing needs.

Besides competitive rates and low fees, with our home loans you also get:
  • Fast, local home loan decisions and servicing
  • 24/7 online home mortgage loan approval
  • Expert guidance through the home-buying process

What if you already own a home?

If you already own your home, we can take a look at your current mortgage and your goals and help you decide if the time is right to refinance and:
  • Lower your payment
  • Fix or lower your rate
  • Change your terms
  • Consolidate high-interest debt
  • Help you access equity for home improvements or other large expenses