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First Mortgages

Please Note: As a result of the merger in progress with Qualstar Credit Union, all mortgage applications will be submitted via Qualstar's Mortgage Loan Center - by clicking on "Rates" and  "Apply Now" a new window will open to Qualstar's mortgage site.

Tailored to Fit

At Woodstone Credit Union, we know that your search for a home starts long before you apply for a loan.

There are many advantages to choosing Woodstone for your home loan:

  • Local processing, underwriting, and servicing. 
    Woodstone retains the servicing on all mortgages so you make your payment to just one company for the life of your loan.
  • Woodstone Credit Union will save you money on your mortgage. 
    With lower closing costs and more competitive interest rates.
  • Peace of mind is invaluable.
    Have confidence knowing you are getting a good deal from people you can trust.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing loan, visit our Mortgage Loan Center to explore your options.